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Tire blackening

The wheels during the use of the car are very susceptible to the negative effects of external factors. Sun, moisture, uneven road surfaces, salts and chemicals significantly reduce the life and appearance. You can return the aesthetic appearance by blackening the rubber. You can use special auto chemicals in convenient bottles or improvised means – shoe polish, glycerin, soap, etc.

First of all, it should be understood that blackening tires is the application of a special composition that does not paint black, but protects against dust, dirt, and prevents cracks. Rubber becomes softer and more elastic, and this has a positive effect on its service life. Therefore, it is so important to do the processing after the next “changing shoes” and preserving the kit until the next season.

Gutalin. Can be used “solo” or diluted with kerosene. The composition dries for a long time, does not shine and does not look very presentable. An alternative is black shoe polish.

Glycerol. Mix with water 1 to 1 and apply to the rubber with a sponge. The penny tool has several disadvantages:

Will have to update the tire treatment after each rain;

Glycerin dries the rubber and promotes cracking;

A lot of dust sticks to tires.

silicone oil. Provides a long-term effect, especially when storing rubber. In addition to the main purpose, it protects against ultraviolet radiation, moisture and dust. Definitely, this is the best tool from the list of “improvised”.

A really good effect will be given by professional products that give the rubber an aesthetic appearance, protect against moisture, road chemicals and the sun. And when processing a seasonal kit, they prevent drying out and cracks. Yes, and using them is much more convenient than homemade ones.

Our catalog contains a range of tire blackening products from the best manufacturers.

Car seat covers and covers are needed to protect the factory upholstery, give the interior a neat look and ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers. Let’s see how they differ from each other.

Covers or capes?

Both of them do an excellent job with their functions – protecting the seats from dust and dirt. Therefore, there is no clear answer which is better. But there is still a slight difference between them.

The capes are designed in such a way that they cover only the upper part of the chairs. You can put them in a few seconds, and the size is universal. The same model is suitable for cars of different brands. The downside of the cape is that the seats are not completely closed, and it is not very firmly fixed.

T-shirt covers are another type of cape. It differs in that it completely covers the front of the seats. They are easy to install and do an excellent job of protecting against dirt. Also available in universal version.

Covers – cover the chair completely from all sides. They can change the interior of the cabin and in some cases significantly improve it. The first distinguishing feature of the covers is the presence of a thin layer of foam rubber, which keeps its shape and eliminates the formation of wrinkles. There are universal covers, but finding a model for your car brand is not a problem. Custom-fitted covers fit better and are often difficult to distinguish from factory upholstery.

So, let’s sum up. Capes and T-shirts are an economical option, often temporary. Covers are a more expensive option, but they also look accordingly.

Material for covers: what to choose?

The most popular fabrics from which covers are made are velor, jacquard, eco-leather, velveteen, alcantra or natural suede.

Genuine leather, eco-leather, Alcantara are very easy to care for, serve for a long time, look solid and respectable. These materials do not absorb dirt and odors, do not generate static electricity. With minimal care, they last several years. They don’t even need dry cleaning.

Fabric-based materials – velveteen, jacquard, velor. Very pleasant to the touch, but rather impractical. Quickly absorb odors, dirt, liquids. Need regular cleaning.

Tarpaulin. Hard wear-resistant material, but not at all aesthetic and not comfortable. It will serve for years, but the lack of comfort during use does not encourage a purchase.

Natural or artificial fur. A kind of winter version of covers. Very demanding to care and are used only in winter.

If you need universal and durable covers, choose eco-leather or Alcantara. Combined models are available. Ready to take the time to care? Then take a closer look at velveteen, jacquard, velor. They are warm and cozy, but you will need to clean them often.

How to choose the size of covers?

T-shirts and capes almost always have a universal size – choosing the right one for your car is not a problem at all. Cases are more difficult – it is important to choose the right size.

Many models are available in a universal size. But they do not sit on the seats like a glove. Therefore, it is better to choose strictly according to the size of car seats.

You can take measurements in centimeters and show them to the seller – he will help you make the right choice. The most common sizes for passenger cars are S or M.

Another option is to choose covers by make and model of car. Manufacturers sew them for a specific model and it will be extremely difficult to make a mistake with the size here.

What mounts are best?

The covers can be attached to the seats in a variety of ways. The most comfortable are elastic bands with hooks or Velcro. Both those and others are quickly and reliably fixed. There are models with zippers or elastic bands – such mounting options are also quite convenient for motorists.

The most uncomfortable – on the strings. They are difficult to shoot, so they are not very popular.

Additional functions

Do you like to spend a lot of time behind the wheel? Take a closer look at the covers with orthopedic support. They are equipped with supports for the back, lower back, hips, neck, shoulders. Your body will thank you!

There are massage capes and covers. The most effective are roller and vibration. They require an electrical connection, but the result is worth it!

Cooling and heating covers are relevant in summer and winter to ensure comfort.

Mud capes – will be needed by pet owners, lovers of outdoor activities, hunting, fishing.

Cases with organizers – pockets for the necessary little things are suitable for those who appreciate order and like to keep everything in its place.

Clean shoes work better. Favorite saying of motorists who really love their vehicles. Keeping the car clean is the main concern of the driver. But paying for a regular wash is not cheap, so today we’ll talk about how to save money without sacrificing cleanliness. The secret is simple – just buy a mini-sink and the necessary auto chemicals. Learning how to use the unit is not at all difficult. And now we will share with you the nuances of using shampoos and other products.

Do not wash your car in the sun. Move into the shade. Otherwise, the shampoo will dry out with lightning speed, not having time to overcome the dirt.

If a foam party is not included in your plans, be sure to read the instructions for diluting the product with water. It is written on every container. Almost all auto chemicals are concentrated substances, which must be diluted in a certain proportion with water.

Apply shampoo from bottom to top, and only on a dry surface. So the foam will not slide off the machine.

When using a sink, direct the flow of water at an angle of 45 degrees.

And a few more tricks:

Rinse the car with clean water, wash off the dirt. Walk over the arches, wheels, bumpers and sills. Wait for the water to drain.

Apply funds. First – a cleaner for rims, then for plastic parts. If the pollution is serious, you can’t do without a bucket of diluted shampoo and a rag.

Have you noticed traces of the presence of insects? Use a special tool.

After application, leave the foam on the surface, do not rinse immediately. She needs a few minutes to get going.

Pour the chemicals in the right proportion into the nozzle.

Apply the foam in a horizontal motion in an upward direction so that the second layer overlaps the first. Start with the doors and rear fenders, then the roof and hood. Such a scheme will reduce divorce to a minimum.

After five minutes, start rinsing off the shampoo, moving the same way from the bottom up.

Rinse the car with clean water, from top to bottom, wait for the water to drain.

Use special wipes to wipe the glass and the surface of the body.

Tires on the sides – a means for blackening.

You can find all the necessary chemicals to keep your car clean and tidy in the catalog of our website.

Car wash shampoo should always be diluted with water before use. Almost all types of auto chemicals are sold in plastic containers of various sizes in a concentrated form. It is much more convenient for delivery and, in principle, more economical. Agree that supplying a detergent that is more than 50% water is completely inappropriate. Therefore, car chemicals are available in concentrated form, and the process and result of washing depend on how correctly it is diluted with water.

How to properly dilute shampoo?

Read the instructions on the package. The instructions indicate in what proportions you need to dilute the detergent. Each manufacturer has its own rules. They are due to ingredients and concentration.

As a rule, in the instructions there are three different ways to generate and foam:

For dosatron. The setting is indicated on the body of the device. Its tube is dipped into a concentrated product and used without prior mixing with water.

For foam generator. One part of shampoo is mixed with 50-70 parts of water. If the volume of the tank, for example, is 50 liters, then it is enough to pour no more than 1 liter of concentrate into it.

For foam kit. For one part of chemistry – 4-6 parts of water. Or for 1 liter of foam nozzle – no more than 200 gr. shampoo.

It is more convenient to dilute shampoo with the help of measuring instruments – a bottle or a cup.

IMPORTANT: Dilution 1 to 4 means 1 part product and 4 parts water. Namely 200 ml of shampoo and 800 ml of water. And not 250 ml of shampoo and 750 ml of water.

Each tool is bred according to an individual scheme. Auto chemicals from the professional line are diluted 1 to 10, from the mass market – 1 to 3.

How to dilute the product most economically?

The most expensive foam production option is the foam kit. It works under high pressure, which means an increased consumption of funds.

Foam generator. The product is supplied under normal pressure, so the consumption is slightly lower.

Dosatron is the most economical. It provides a minimum water supply and low pressure, due to which the lowest consumption of the product is ensured.

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