Carpax guarantees the high quality of its products and is responsible for non-compliance with production standards in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Goods purchased in our online store have a guaranteed replacement period for factory defects. This rule applies to a defect in the material and stitching of the edging tape – 1 year warranty. The purchased product must be in strict accordance with the order, be suitable for the brand of the car indicated when ordering, and not have defects in material, edging and fasteners that may adversely affect the appearance and performance.

The shelf life of rugs purchased from us is at least 3 years. The specific service life depends on the quality of care and the treatment of the owner. It should be remembered that EVA mats are made of a soft polymer material that loses its properties when exposed to sharp objects. kriens single lokale In cases where the mats are installed in a taxi or will have regular contact with high heeled shoes, we recommend installing a protective heel pad on the driver’s mat. If necessary, you can order one mat to replace the one that has worn the most.

Return or exchange of a rug of inadequate quality is carried out if it does not fit in shape, fasteners, or is defective. In this case, there is a replacement for a similar product of good quality or a refund.

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