Eco-leather 3D car floor mats

Цена: 15000 сом

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A unique combination of “EVA” and “Premium” kits, combines the full protection of the factory upholstery and an easy care option for rugs. Thanks to the Velcro that connects these mats to each other, the top set can be easily removed, which makes it possible to take care of them with great convenience. Such a combination gives wide scope in terms of the final design of carpets, allowing you to combine the most daring ideas and solutions.

What is included in the price of the kit:

Premium 3D high side mat set (driver and passenger mats, rear mats + lintel)
“EVA” floor mat kit for installation over the “Premium” kit (driver’s, passenger’s and rear floor mats)
High quality eco-leather
original mounts

Individual design:

Choice of rug color
Choice of border color
Choice of stitching color
Selecting a stitch pattern