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Tire blackening

The wheels during the use of the car are very susceptible to the negative effects of external factors. Sun, moisture, uneven road surfaces, salts and chemicals significantly reduce the life and appearance. You can return the aesthetic appearance by blackening the rubber. You can use special auto chemicals in convenient bottles or improvised means – shoe polish, glycerin, soap, etc.

First of all, it should be understood that blackening tires is the application of a special composition that does not paint black, but protects against dust, dirt, and prevents cracks. Rubber becomes softer and more elastic, and this has a positive effect on its service life. Therefore, it is so important to do the processing after the next “changing shoes” and preserving the kit until the next season.

Gutalin. Can be used “solo” or diluted with kerosene. The composition dries for a long time, does not shine and does not look very presentable. An alternative is black shoe polish.

Glycerol. Mix with water 1 to 1 and apply to the rubber with a sponge. The penny tool has several disadvantages:

Will have to update the tire treatment after each rain;

Glycerin dries the rubber and promotes cracking;

A lot of dust sticks to tires.

silicone oil. Provides a long-term effect, especially when storing rubber. In addition to the main purpose, it protects against ultraviolet radiation, moisture and dust. Definitely, this is the best tool from the list of “improvised”.

A really good effect will be given by professional products that give the rubber an aesthetic appearance, protect against moisture, road chemicals and the sun. And when processing a seasonal kit, they prevent drying out and cracks. Yes, and using them is much more convenient than homemade ones.

Our catalog contains a range of tire blackening products from the best manufacturers.

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