How to use chemistry

Car wash shampoo should always be diluted with water before use. Almost all types of auto chemicals are sold in plastic containers of various sizes in a concentrated form. It is much more convenient for delivery and, in principle, more economical. Agree that supplying a detergent that is more than 50% water is completely inappropriate. Therefore, car chemicals are available in concentrated form, and the process and result of washing depend on how correctly it is diluted with water.

How to properly dilute shampoo?

Read the instructions on the package. The instructions indicate in what proportions you need to dilute the detergent. Each manufacturer has its own rules. They are due to ingredients and concentration.

As a rule, in the instructions there are three different ways to generate and foam:

For dosatron. The setting is indicated on the body of the device. Its tube is dipped into a concentrated product and used without prior mixing with water.

For foam generator. One part of shampoo is mixed with 50-70 parts of water. If the volume of the tank, for example, is 50 liters, then it is enough to pour no more than 1 liter of concentrate into it.

For foam kit. For one part of chemistry – 4-6 parts of water. Or for 1 liter of foam nozzle – no more than 200 gr. shampoo.

It is more convenient to dilute shampoo with the help of measuring instruments – a bottle or a cup.

IMPORTANT: Dilution 1 to 4 means 1 part product and 4 parts water. Namely 200 ml of shampoo and 800 ml of water. And not 250 ml of shampoo and 750 ml of water.

Each tool is bred according to an individual scheme. Auto chemicals from the professional line are diluted 1 to 10, from the mass market – 1 to 3.

How to dilute the product most economically?

The most expensive foam production option is the foam kit. It works under high pressure, which means an increased consumption of funds.

Foam generator. The product is supplied under normal pressure, so the consumption is slightly lower.

Dosatron is the most economical. It provides a minimum water supply and low pressure, due to which the lowest consumption of the product is ensured.

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