How to wash a car

Clean shoes work better. Favorite saying of motorists who really love their vehicles. Keeping the car clean is the main concern of the driver. But paying for a regular wash is not cheap, so today we’ll talk about how to save money without sacrificing cleanliness. The secret is simple – just buy a mini-sink and the necessary auto chemicals. Learning how to use the unit is not at all difficult. And now we will share with you the nuances of using shampoos and other products.

Do not wash your car in the sun. Move into the shade. Otherwise, the shampoo will dry out with lightning speed, not having time to overcome the dirt.

If a foam party is not included in your plans, be sure to read the instructions for diluting the product with water. It is written on every container. Almost all auto chemicals are concentrated substances, which must be diluted in a certain proportion with water.

Apply shampoo from bottom to top, and only on a dry surface. So the foam will not slide off the machine.

When using a sink, direct the flow of water at an angle of 45 degrees.

And a few more tricks:

Rinse the car with clean water, wash off the dirt. Walk over the arches, wheels, bumpers and sills. Wait for the water to drain.

Apply funds. First – a cleaner for rims, then for plastic parts. If the pollution is serious, you can’t do without a bucket of diluted shampoo and a rag.

Have you noticed traces of the presence of insects? Use a special tool.

After application, leave the foam on the surface, do not rinse immediately. She needs a few minutes to get going.

Pour the chemicals in the right proportion into the nozzle.

Apply the foam in a horizontal motion in an upward direction so that the second layer overlaps the first. Start with the doors and rear fenders, then the roof and hood. Such a scheme will reduce divorce to a minimum.

After five minutes, start rinsing off the shampoo, moving the same way from the bottom up.

Rinse the car with clean water, from top to bottom, wait for the water to drain.

Use special wipes to wipe the glass and the surface of the body.

Tires on the sides – a means for blackening.

You can find all the necessary chemicals to keep your car clean and tidy in the catalog of our website.

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