Auto life hacks

Tire blackening The wheels during the use of the car are very susceptible to the negative effects of external factors. Sun, moisture, uneven road surfaces, salts and chemicals significantly reduce the life and appearance. You can return the aesthetic appearance by blackening the rubber. You can use special auto chemicals in convenient bottles or improvised […]

Capes and covers

Car seat covers and covers are needed to protect the factory upholstery, give the interior a neat look and ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers. Let’s see how they differ from each other. Covers or capes? Both of them do an excellent job with their functions – protecting the seats from dust and […]

How to wash a car

Clean shoes work better. Favorite saying of motorists who really love their vehicles. Keeping the car clean is the main concern of the driver. But paying for a regular wash is not cheap, so today we’ll talk about how to save money without sacrificing cleanliness. The secret is simple – just buy a mini-sink and […]

How to use chemistry

Car wash shampoo should always be diluted with water before use. Almost all types of auto chemicals are sold in plastic containers of various sizes in a concentrated form. It is much more convenient for delivery and, in principle, more economical. Agree that supplying a detergent that is more than 50% water is completely inappropriate. […]

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